Q: As a VAR or MSP, why should I care about VAROfficeSuite/MSPOfficeSuite?

A: It will help you to improve your business on many levels.

  1. Find the right tools and services to efficiently run your business.
  2. Streamline your business processes to save you time and cost.
  3. Market your business more effectively.
  4. Build a recurring revenue business model.
  5. Improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  6. Improve your sales.
  7. Improve your management.
  8. Improve your leadership.

Q: What is VAROfficeSuite/MSPOfficeSuite?

A: VAROfficeSuite is a resource with over 150 independent solutions that when combined in the right mix, will help any VAR or MSP to efficiently run their entire business. If you were a new company starting out in the IT business today and you adopted these tools and services, you will be building on a powerful best-practice infrastructure to have the most efficient business processes. Every VAR or MSP will find something to improve some parts of their business.

Q: Do I need to buy all the tools and services of VAROfficeSuite/MSPOfficeSuite?

A: No. You can just add the tools or services that you are missing or need.

Q: Why should I make the time to come to a your live events to personally learn about these tools and services?

A: Explore with your peers to know what they are using and doing. Meet the vendors that develop these tools. Experience these tools first-hand. These events are 100% educational and is 100% focused on helping you to improve your business in every area as well as building a sustainable recurring revenue.

Q: How will I know which tools are a good fit for my business?

A: Take the test to score your business strengths and weaknesses. Use the report card to build a roadmap to improve your business. Select the tools and services that you need. Ask to speak to one of our business consultants if you are not sure what you need.

Q: What is the cost for each tool or service?

A: Each vendor and coach will provide you with the cost directly. We are not involved in this process. Each tool and services varies in cost. Some vendors and coaches may offer discounts.

Q: How do I get more information and learn about each Solution?

A: Fill out the contact page and check off each area of your interest. Your inquiry will be dispatched to the appropriate providers. Each will send you information to review and offer follow-up options for you to attend a demo. You can also book meetings at our events. Please only fill in up to 3 items per inquiry as the information can be overwhelming…do one step at a time.

Q: What is the mission of VAROfficeSuite/MSPOfficeSuite?

A: To help companies who sell IT solutions to better streamline, manage and market their business. A stronger and profitable IT reseller channel is good for the entire IT Industry!

Q: Who is managing VAROfficeSuite/MSPOfficeSuite?

A: TechnoPlanet. See www.technoplanet.com.

Have another question? Please contact us through the contact form on this web site.